A New Perspective


The idea of space has always terrified me.

The idea of that impossibly huge, never ending black of nothingness that I know is out there on the other side of the atmosphere, but that I’ve chosen to ignore because the mere thought of the infinity beyond just makes my head spin. Thinking about how earth is just hanging there, right in the middle of nothing, kind of feels like that sudden realization when you’re flying over the Atlantic and it hits you that the only thing between you and 10 000 feet of nothing but cold air and a 40 second free fall towards a sure death is  basically just a couple of layers of aluminum foil. Yup, how about them butterflies? Now multiply that with infinity and you might get an idea of how thinking about universe makes me feel. So if someone asked me “If you got the chance to travel to outer space, would you go?”, I’d say: “No. Never. Not in a million years.”

At least, that’s what I would have said before last Thursday. Before I saw “The Overview Effect”.

The Overview Effect is a profoundly beautiful and awe inducing 20-minute video with stunning images of planet earth from outer space, along with the touching accounts from the astronauts who have actually been out there and seen it – our home – from above. Even though the idea of space is still inconceivable to me, my desire to see this amazing view with my own eyes now exceeds my fear of an ungraspable universe.

So the next time I get offered a ride to the moon, you better believe I’m gonna jump right onboard.

Check it out and prepared to be awed.


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