A Greeting

This week, life took an interesting turn. This turn will take me to Vancouver in January, where I’m likely to stay for at least half a year. And I’m excited. More excited than I’ve been in a long time actually.

Due to this life changing event, this blog got to see the light of day. Why, you ask? Because change is scary. No matter how excited you might be, change is scary, and writing about it makes it less so. Also, me moving to Canada has changed the way I view life in a sense. It has proven something to me that I’ve known in theory for a long time, but that I never really fully believed in until now. That you really can transform a dream into reality.

Oh, who am I kidding… more than anything, this blog is for my dear mother. It’s here to make her less sad that I’m leaving, and to keep her calm while I’m away. And I figured if I start slow already, three and a half months before I’m off, she and the rest of my lovely family might not even notice that I’m gone.

So what will this blog be about then? Canada, of course. Traveling, sure. But mostly, it will be about how to live life bravely. Because this is what I want – I want to be brave.

I hope to have you with me on this journey, and that you will want to share your own stories of how you’re living bravely.

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “A Greeting

  1. Du är en av de modigaste personer jag känner! Du tar dig an det svaga hos dig själv och vänder det till styrka (med Guds hjälp). Jag beundrar dig kära lillasyster. Jag älskar dig och kommer def känna av avståndet till Kanada oavsett blogg.

  2. This sounds awesome! I´m excited to follow you on your adventures in Vanconver, Canada, north america, earth. Keep doing brave things! now to get you and everyone else even more pumped up, I leave you this video 🙂

  3. Ha! Vi ses så sällan så jag kommer knappt märka att du är borta. Tack vare bloggen kommer jag känna mig närmare dig än någonsin 😉 Välkommen på jul!

  4. Hi Lina! 🙂 I love your writing, its captivating and makes me want to read more. And I’m really glad you’re here in Vancouver! You are brave, way to go!

    • Hey P! You’re sweet! I’m glad I’m here as well. Thanks for being an awesome person. People like you makes transitions like this less scary 🙂

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